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SAKALA, Michicot

SAKALA is Cite Soleil's largest youth center. They support sports for peace, urban gardening, and education programs for dozens of young people. They were recognized for their decade of service to the young people of Cite Soleil.

Jean Bernard BELIZAIRE.

Belizaire is running the only boxing school in Cite Soleil, providing an important refuge for young people to channel their energy in a constructive way. He was recognized for training the next generation of Soleyan boxers.

Senat Delva,

Mr. Delva has been the Vice Principle of the Cite Soleil National High School for almost two decades. He was recognized for his unending commitment to education in the community. 

Jean Robert BATICHON, Wharf

Wharf Soleil has the most trees in urban Cite Soleil, and Batichon is to thank for this. He is one of the most ardent actors for urban environmentalism and tree-planting. He was recognized for his years of commitment to keeping Cite Soleil green.

Hands Together

Hands Together is an organization that has been supporting education in Cite Soleil for over a decade. The community wanted to recognize them for their long-term commitment to education and child wellbeing in Cite Soleil.

Fondation Gabriel, Fondation Sabathem, Fondation Siloe

These three large, locally-run foundations were recognized for the unique role they play in maintaining the most recent peace in Cite Soleil, and for their commitment to community welfare. 

Cite Soleil's local authorities

In 2017, Cite Soleil's Mayor, Representative in Parliament, Police Department, and Justice of the Peace were recognized for their role in supporting the most recent peace.



Belabre is a singer-songwriter who was awarded a special musician's award for his commitment to using music for social change. He sings about issues that touch the root of what it means to be a young person in Cite Soleil, and he inspires young people across the city. 


Gueldy is a singer-songwriter who has been part of the Konbit Soley Leve movement from its earliest days. His songs on konbit, social change, and the power of young people has been an inspiration to people throughout Cite Soleil and Haiti.

DADY FRESH, Soleil 17

Dady Fresh is a rap group from Cite Soleil who has used their talents to address issues like the war between Upper and Lower Cite Soleil, mortality, and natural disasters. They have become a voice for many in the community.


Mano & Bill Gates have also been with Konbit Soley Leve since the early days of the movement, and are always there to support community causes. Their song about the 2010 earthquake is sung every year at the January 12th memorial service.


Radio Boukman is the only radio station based in Cite Soleil. They have been running since 2006, and serving as the voice of a community that has been stigmatized by society and the broader press. Their award thanked them for nearly a decade of this important service.

Geraldson PIERRE

Geraldson Pierre has published two books about life in the ghetto. He was recognized for being a literary ambassador for Cite Soleil and an inspiration to future Soleyan authors.

Luckson ST VIL, 3BB

Luckson is a renowned radio journalist who uses his talents to develop nuanced stories about Cite Soleil that challenge stereotypes. He was recognized for being the Media Ambassador of Cite Soleil.


Adou is one of Cite Soleil's most renowned visual artists, who has transformed Cite Soleil's visual landscape with his graffiti, murals, and painting. He was recognized for his talents and commitment to beautifying Cite Soleil. 


2Son is another talented graffiti artist who has launched his own school to teach the next generation of socially-conscious graffiti artists in Cite Soleil. He was recognized for his mentorship of young artists.


Marinad007 is a raboday musician who had one of the biggest hit songs in Haiti in 2017. As he is from Cite Soleil, he was recognized for representing the community in an international spotlight.

Wedson Ainseme SUKER

Suker is an international football (soccer) player who proudly represents Cite Soleil as a professional player in India. He was recognized for being an international ambassador of Cite Soleil.

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