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This is not a project funded by a single donor. Every year,  individuals and organizations from across Haiti and around the world come together and contribute what they can to make this happen. This year, you can also lend a hand!


There are many ways to help: first, you can click the red box below and donate whatever you can to the Peace Prize! All funds are directed to making the Peace Prize happen, and creating opportunities for honorees and other young people in Cite Soleil to develop their leadership skills. 

If you can't contribute monetarily, there are other ways to help out as well! If you are in Haiti, you can help contribute practical in-kind gifts for our honorees, or educational opportunities to help them grow as leaders.


And no matter wherever you are, you can help by helping us break down the stigma of Cite Soleil.  Share the videos and the reports. Tell the story of these young people who are trying to make a difference despite the odds being stacked against them. This is one barrier we can all work on breaking down.


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