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Estherline ABRAHAM, Linthau 1

Estherline was awarded the Prim Soley Leve to recognize her tireless work to empower young people and children, particularly through her help founding Konbit Timoun Leve, a branch of Konbit Soley Leve that enables children to take leadership in local change. 

Henry-Claude ETIENNE, 3BB

Henry-Claude was recognized for more than a decade of service to numerous youth organizations across Cite Soleil. His own organization, ABKODEL, supports education and civic engagement in 3BB. Henry-Claude is also the Director of Education for SAKALA, Cite Soleil's largest youth center. 

Jean Denis JOSUE, Boston

Josue was recognized for his work in using social media to build stronger ties between the neighborhoods of Cite Soleil. His Facebook group An'n Fe Yon Sel Pou Nou Reyini Tout Pitit Soley, was a critical space for dialogue during active conflicts that kept people confined to their neighborhoods.


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