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Wilnis Joseph.jpg

Wilnis JOSEPH, Ti Ayiti

Wilnis was awarded the Peace Prize for his dedication to using sports as a way to mentor young people and teach them important values, such as nonviolence and volunteerism, through his organization Metanoia.

Jenny Love.png

Jenny Love NICLAS, Boston

Jenny-love is being recognized for her community service to improve health, education, and wellbeing in Cite Soleil. through her work with Fondasyon Sabathem. Her leadership has inspired other women to take a more active role in community development initiatives across Cite Soleil.

Jonas Jean.jpg

Olwich LOUIS-JEUNE, Brooklyn

Olwich is being recognized for his leadership in community service and child protection in Cite Soleil through his work with Fondasyon Gabriel and OPSECS.  Olwich is also involved in efforts to promote conflict resolution, community health and disaster risk reduction.


Joanes ADELSON, Soley 10

Joanes is being recognized for his commitment to social entrepreneurship and leadership in Cite Soleil.

As the Founder and Coordinator of ORLEAH, Joanes has provided dozens of young people in Cite Soleil with high-quality training on entrepreneurship, leadership, and social change.


Jonas JEAN, Belekou

Jonas is being recognized for his commitment to community service and education in Cite Soleil. As the General Coordinator of Fondasyon Siloe, Jonas has overseen a number of innovative community service initiatives in Belekou.

Jonas is also the Director of the Hands Together primary school.

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