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Gardy GUERRIER, Vaudreuil

Gardy was awarded the Prim Solèy Leve for dedication to social and economic justice across both rural and urban Cite Soleil. He is the co-founder of REMUSOV,  a collection of community solidarity funds in the often-ignored rural Cite Soleil.

Beniçois ROSEMÉ , Boston

Benisoit was awarded the Prim Solèy Leve for over three decades of commitment to the youth of Boston through his organization, Planete des Enfants, where he cultivates young leaders through education and sports , including Cite Soleil's only karate program.

Jean Olrich ESTIME, Cite Lumiere

Jean Olriche was awarded the Prim Solèy Leve for his inspiring work with young people in Cite Lumiere and beyond. His organization, PENAH,  protects childrens' right to play (through cultural and athletic activities), to live in clean communities (through neighborhood cleanup campaigns), and to have fresh food (through urban gardening).

Jean Claude MOISE, Soleil 19

Jean Claude was awarded the Prim Solèy Leve for his ability to build partnerships for the benefit of children in Brooklyn. His organization, OPJED, works in nutrition, scholarship provision, professional training and development, and psychosocial support.

Ronald HENRI, Wharf Jeremie

Ronald was awarded the Prim Solèy Leve for his dedication to support young people in the area of Wharf Jeremie. His organization, UCDDJ, provides many educational and psyco-social services for children, but is best-known for its innovative youth boxing program, which teaches young people how to channel their energy into sport as opposed to violence.

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